Merch Сrazy War - exclusive patriotic souvenirs based on caricatures

A deck of playing cards, t-shirts, paintings and other merch with corrections on famous politicians, military and public figures drawn by a Ukrainian artist



Creative design

Unique design with caricatures of politicians and public figures

TOP gifts

Crazy War products are suitable as a gift for colleagues, relatives and loved ones. Both girls and men.

Caricatures are drawn by hand

The goods with the image of various caricatures are made in pencil by the Ukrainian artist Yury Hryniuk

Made in Ukraine

Merch Crazy War were designed and manufactured in Ukraine

Video review card Crazy War

Каталог продукції

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She presented the cards as a gift to the manager

We presented the cards as a gift to our director – he appreciated the originality of the choice. Very happy with the new deck


Respect to the artist - the cards are very cool

I ordered the cards and had a great time! The drawings are gorgeous, the similarities to politicians are striking. Respect to artist!


My parents really liked these cards

My parents have been playing various card games with their family for many years. The new deck made it more interesting. Relatives delighted and I satisfied with the purchase!


We play in the evenings with family and friends

At this difficult time, especially want to distract from all bad. Ordered the cards and now we play with family and friends in the evening. Thank you for your good mood!


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