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Playing cards Crazy War

Article: 110100

Unique "Crazy War" cards with images of famous world politicians, military and public figures in the caricature genre.

Popular people who in some way influence the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022 will play the game with you.

4 world powers - Ukraine, Europe, USA, russia - 4 suits.

13 live characters of each suit - 52 individuals and 2 jokers.

54 cards in the deck.

The work of Ukrainian artist Yury Hryniuk.

Velvet protective covering of Soft Touch cards

The deck is protected by a laminated box.

Developed and made in Ukraine.


Original poker cards have always been considered a stylish gift for the elite, and a deck of cards with images of prominent figures of the Russian-Ukrainian war will be a really cool present.

A feature of this deck was not only the fact that images of popular political figures were applied instead of traditional images, but also the fact that the deck was drawn by hand by the famous Ukrainian artist Yuri Grinyuk. Thus, you present not only a game set, but also a kind of creative work of art.